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Skin Care As We Age

Caring for our skin is as important as health care for the rest of the body. As the skin is an organ which covers the entire body, it's actually the largest organ we have. It's also the most exposed to the elements of our environments. Healthy skin is beautifull skin.

A Dermatologist is a doctor who deals with issues of the skin and its health in relation to the rest of the body. A skin doctor is as important as an Optometrist is for the health of the eyes or the Podiatrist is for the health of the feet. Get the best person for the job.

Skin changes as we age with different concerns that need to be part of the best health package. Aging skin becomes thinner and less able to hold moisture as well as showing the effects of gravity. It is still beautifull if it is well cared for as it goes through the inevitable changes of time. Like the rest of the body's good health, we are always learning and improving. We know now more than ever about chemicals that are carcinogens and cancer-causing. We fuel the body with foods that are as wholesome and fresh as can be. Natural foods without chemicals and preservatives. So too should be the products we use to apply to the skin. This includes creams, lotions, sunning products, bath products, medications and make up. Products that are simple and safe.

Our modern culture is consumed with things focused on youthfullness. We have come to not value or respect living into our senior years. Sure looking your best matters. Like anything else to do with self-care, we need consistency and informed choices. We also need to not get carried away with the obsession of desire outside of our means.

Perhaps that is also a matter of self-acceptance. Genetically we may be predisposed to a variety of inherent physical traits and abilities. Some are blessings and some curses in our eyes. That's what makes each of us unique and beautifull in our own right. How mundane it would be if we didn't have our subtleties to separate us and make life interesting, just as our individual talents do.

In a world where we do have the power to change appearances, quite drastically even, it's important to remember that living well as we age means living within our means and in good mental health. Being overly concerned with cosmetic beauty may take us further from who we actually are. That's a road that may be quite literally paved with gold, if you've ventured. It's cost prohibitive for the majority but more importantly, it can become obsessively dangerous. The graphic below will be helpfull in addressing the basic issues of skin care for seniors. Most certainly, see a qualified doctor for any issues regarding your health. After all, there's a saying about beauty and obsession that goes something like this; "I asked the crow what he sees in shiney things... ones self, he replied."

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