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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The comfort and the quiet of solitude. Give thy thoughts no tongue. There is a distinction between loneliness and feeling separated and the true and desired purposefullness of solitude. As social beings who thrive quite happily on the combined efforts of community, what value can we find in the solace of our own hearts and minds?

Taking time for thoughtfull reflection can be a needed, productive and necessary task. It allows us pure thought. A time of reflection and evaluation with out the busyness and endless chatter of radio, TV, internet and constant upload that actually empties our minds instead of filling them. Finding a place and time where we can focus and connect to us. It's both mind and body. It actually allows us to calm down.

As a lover of travel, I always appreciated taking my trips solo. I loved that way of discovering on my own. This is where I found my solitude. That's the way I enjoyed it. I planned, photographed and wrote, capturing it all in the way that I wanted to. It was my adventure. Comfortable, introspective and refreshing. Most of all, wonderfully selfish! Now I have those tools to transport me again as we work our way back to safer times and toward the new year of 2021.

Solitude gives us perspective and let's us take in what is in front of us with out having to discuss it or evaluate its meaning. We can just let the experience wash over us and reflect on how it makes us feel. Absolutely there is a healthy necessity to keep socially connected. It's very important to also share your feelings and to experience the give and take of that conversation with another person. Yet the power of cultivating a relationship with ourselves from time in solitude can benefit our personal growth and even genuine happiness. Allow yourself. Getting to know what really brews inside of you will be the beginning of a greater understanding. Sometimes measuring the power of our own thoughts is both the depth of the well and the strength we are looking for.

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