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Spiritual Wellbeing

Our spiritual wellness is a sense of connection to our lives, a plan of purpose & direction. It's the resonance that we were here. Whether you believe in something organized that is greater or the power of the universe itself as the creator of our free spirit, we are here for more than just our own self-absorption.

We feel this wellbeing in the sense of alignment of our most personal needs, the truest connection to living a joyfull life. Spiritual wellness is that connection in nature, in our life gardens, in how we cultivate or nurture those kinds of living things. That ethereal quality of oneness we don't need to define, it just is. We can discover that ride of life by writing it out, emptying it away from the busyness of our minds to the concrete reflection of a journal or diary.

We might find it as we create; in drawing, painting, music, pottery, sewing or performing. It lays akin to any activity where we can feel peacefull, pleasing and in harmony in our own self-reflection. It's the being in any moment where we can feel aware, in tune and complete; existing far away from the consuming stimulus and preoccupying time vacuum of social media.

It is the practice of deeper listening--to your own heart, your own spirit, your own desires and those of your loved ones too. The desires that truly matter most. In our relationships with ourselves and others, it's that cosmic shift that tells us all is right with the world. We become aware of what holds us back, what obstacles must be cleared to live a complete and full life. One with gratitude and in appreciation of what we have and what we can do. A mindset that can truly serve us each day. Helping us to reframe the difficulties of our past experiences and build a future of forward possibilities. Something well-thought out to take action on. An evolving plan.

As we construct this positive wellness in our lives with our spirit, it can certainly serve beyond our needs and become overflowing, pouring out into our families, friendships and communities in giving back. It can grow into a very powerfull, positive force. Our spiritual wellbeing is our happiness on an eternal level, built on truth with oneself. Remembering that we not only feed our bodies, we feed our mind, heart and spirit too. The very significance of our contribution in life is how our existence lingers over the expanse of our time. If you want to dine on a glorious banquet, start with what you can bring to the table.

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