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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

One thing for certain in life we will never get away from is stress. We all face it, everyday. So it's important to put it into perspective and manage it. We always have choices. We never want to regret taking our stress out on someone else. The lesson is to deal with the situation with rationale and calm; to approach it with reason. It usually works out in the end. Stress is more than just a mental minefield. It will tax you physically, in each and every blood vessel, organ and cell of the body. Keep in heart & mind that this too shall pass.

There are many circumstances in life that can bring on stress. The health and wellbeing of our loved ones, our own health and certainly one of the biggest stressors of our modern world, money. That's why it is so important to be wise with a dollar and make good financial decisions.

We live in an instant world where much is at our fingertips. We can sometimes be easily sold. Like anything, know where it comes from and be sure you have a way out if you need to change shift. A no refund policy is a red flag for most. If you are uncertain or undecided, simply decline. Uncertain decisions are not quite decisions. When in doubt, wait.

When we make a decision to spend we want to be sure our hard-earned cash is really buying us something of value that we really actually need. With the information super highway of the internet, we can rapidly fact-check just about anything; be suspicious of anything that we can't find any data on. Buyer, be very aware.

Many seniors have spent a lifetime working hard. Have a little pleasure in the twilight of life, when we really do need less. It's important to remember our income. It is much easier to spend than to earn. An unwise investment, purchase or encounter could really rock the boat. So don't let anyone or anything rush you into parting with your savings or sink you with the stress of dealing with the fallout of a bad decision involving money. Carefully decide, weighing it out with time and whether you really need it. It's sometimes best to decline and pass by. Keep going and sail right on by.

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