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The Music In Me

It's no secret if we have children or even more fortunately, grandchildren, we notice how much they love to move, dance and use their voice. That was also once you and me. Sound is one of the first privileges we are blessed with and learn to imitate. It all starts in that warm and mushy place called the womb. The constant drum of our mothers heartbeat syncing with our own is a rhythm we will carry from our birth onward.

So it's no wonder we are intuitively drawn to music. It is mood-changing, anger-releasing, dance-inspiring and a celebration of pure joy. Given the many styles, tempos, melodies and cultural significances, music is akin to the very story of a life. It lays the background tapestry of all the quintessential milestones we pass through in life and it grows with us on the journey.

Remember when you got your first taste of travelling and you dashed off to immerse yourself in a foreign land; one of the first things you may have noticed was the flavour of the music. Music also transcends culture and time. There are songs translated into countless other languages and arrangements that are still distinct and recognized by our memory. A singer can cover the songs of another artist and bring a whole new discovery of the sound. There are songs you can still remember to this day, word for word and note for note. Magic. They haven't lost anything through time. Perhaps most importantly, we distinctly remember the first time we heard a song that struck us with such unforgettable beauty and passion. We remember where, what and with whom we were, exactly.

There are many stimulants that light up our brains. We can attest to the proof of this scientifically, on a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan. Some specifically light up the left side of the brain and some light up the right side. Music lights up the entire brain! That's powerfull.

Music has the ability to lift our mood, colour our emotions and also move us to tears. It's as individually personal as there are performers and composers and just as universal. It needs no words to define or describe it. The sound takes care of it all. Music intensifies our feelings. We simply can't help but feel it all. It can create the most magnificent sound track for a dramatic film, play or performance and in one swoop punctuate the visual medium with a single chord.

So let music move you, lift you, inspire you, release you and heal you. Its power can wash all over you in a way that takes you back to that first felt comfort of warmth, safety and understood assurance. The power of sound can transport and light up your memories, connecting you to a life of deeper meaning. It may even guide you to be inspired to write, play or sing a creation of your own. However you choose to appreciate it, the power of music will always be a grounding force, connecting us to ourselves, our world and one another. Let that be the food of love and play on.

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