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The Privilege of Friendship

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There are probably very few people that you could consider a friend, in your lifetime. That's really what the heart of friendships are. Relationships over time. Sometimes that friendship fades as we walk down separate paths, only to be rekindled somewhere down the road, if we're lucky. And there are some friendships that truly stand the journey of time. The ones that were an honour in your life.

Those friends shared some of the true pinnacles of your story and helped you to get through some of your most difficult times. If that friend was at a distance, you knew the value of shared time. The shared celebrations of birthdays, holidays and new additions to the family. The shared sorrows of loss and goodbyes. The memories are embedded in your mind. The sound of someones voice, their wisdom and their laughter. And certainly their wonderfull sense of humour and zest.

That's the part of friendship that rubs off on us. That lingers with us when we say farewell to our dearest of friends. All the trinkets we exchanged now have a more precious meaning. Moreover, all the experiences you shared have a deeper place in our hearts. We share each others life story. The relations of all the family we're connected to. The network. Like a fabric that is woven especially about us, for us.

We will keep that tapestry. A cherished thing of this fast-paced life. Hold dear those beloved friends. Make a judicious use of our time. They helped us along more than we realize. For there is no forever here. The luckiness in life lies with the company you keep.

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