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Time To Rest

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

As life sometimes seems to pull us in a multitude of different directions with plans, hard work and decisions, the importance of rest couldn't be more appropriate. Having a time of the day or a day of the week that is truly a sabbath. A rest sabbatical. Plan a scheduled time for rest.

The things we must get done in the day are on the list or in the schedule. Resting is an important activity and helps us create a space in the day that should be just as important. We weren't designed to work so much but it seems that being busy is all that some of us do. Our physical and mental health is balanced by the breaks we take. Our emotional well-being is a reflection of our body and mind health. Not leaving time to relax and recharge is short-changing us, eventually leading to a short circuit in overall health.

Our day can be taxing and at times so are our relationships and matters with community and family. We are confronting or solving one thing after another and that is life. Too much of anything will catch up to you and break you down. If you notice a change of mood or spirits or even general positivity, chances are you might be needing a change up. We might find ourselves having trouble with decisions or just being decisive. Perhaps even a general feeling of being overwhelmed. Life is a balance of many elements, we don't need a vacation but a pit-stop in the day to oversee the maintenance of how all the parts and pieces are working. See that we are functioning well in the busyness of life.

When we check in with ourselves, we give ourselves a moment to be mindfull of our needs. Surely we do take enough time to check in on those we love, so why not us? Give yourself the gift of rest in the day to catch your breath and turn inward, switching off the world for just a few minutes. It will be waiting for us just as we left it, to be sure. When we take time to turn inward to check in to what we need, we are taking time to learn. Learning and connecting is healing; bringing into our lives what is missing.

Take time for those who might be our best supporters too and recognize that it might be time to spend time with one another and no other commitments or distractions. Just being, listening, hearing a calm breath or steady heartbeat or the sound of the natural elements outside like the wind and the rain. It will remind you of the important things and help you face the remainder of the day. Let that be a refreshing change, perhaps sealed with a much needed hug and a peck!

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