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Your Inner Voice

Our life’s journey is one of many joys, challenges, highs and lows. We are capable of experiencing great love and able to survive immeasurable loss. Finding inspiration and motivation can come from a variety of people and resources. Much is learned through the sum of our own experiences. Most importantly in life, we find the courage to never stop trying.

There’s a little voice inside of you, if you listen. It’s guiding you in good decisions and may be warning you of potentially wrong choices. We know better than to go against it. That little instinct is a survival tool. Yes it dates back to our paleolithic ancestors. It’s a spot that gets us right in mid-chest area, the solar plexus. It’s unmistakable. It may well have saved your life once, even twice. An internal monologue that sees to it we rise up and press on.

Our resilience in life can surprise us with how concise and immediate our response is. We are decisive. When tasked we can hold our ground with an unshakable conviction. It’s a powerfull feeling and it resonates as naturally as the clear blue sky. By nature we are hyper-social beings. The range of emotions we are capable of means we are also thinkers who feel. No matter how many dust ups we face, we faithfully get back up. That is the faith we hold in ourselves.

So when you feel yourself in times of sorrow, loneliness or defeat; if you sense being out of step or off balance, tune in to that deep reserve. If you find yourself yearning for those who have passed on remember, the meaning of their life remains. It is just the pressing on of time, a perseverance itself. It is remembering that this too shall pass.

Treat yourself as the friend that walks with you on your brightest days and also in the darkest of hours. Let positive self talk override critical thinking patterns. Self-compassion in thought, word and deed. Hear that little voice. It’s always with you. When you feel discouraged, trust. If you should fall behind, wait. If you are indecisive, hold on. Above all else, never give up.

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