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Your Story

It's no secret that life is short. We all hope to be fondly remembered. When you think of your time in this life, imagine what stands out the most. Do you favour your accomplishments? Perhaps you simply treasure your closest family members and dearest friends? Maybe you see your life as things that might have been... if only.

Most seniors reminisce days of being carefree and learning, maybe your early education, maybe the days when you courted your now life partner. It has probably crossed your mind at some point; the wonder of what will be my life story.

In many cultures, the memorandum of the ancestors is kept by the oldest living family or community member. The knowledge keepers. Perhaps an easier feat in a seemingly simpler world. However the current world has instant media and data tracking that records much more that we realize. That recording of life instantly races around the world and is shared by billions in a matter of seconds. So when we think of our story, how would you like that to be told?

Some people live in chapters of their lives, planning beginnings, endings and somehow surviving some perilous times. We've lived in different homes, communities and even countries. Certainly everyone is a book of special stories. Each one of us is wonderfully distinct and that story deserves to be told and remembered. As Mother's & Father's Day approaches for this year, what a great gift to give to have a special story told in a printed book for the members of your family and even a place on the coffee table.

Such services are available and they seem to cover all the bases. From collecting the baseline information and photographs to putting together the chapters and the best of the memories. This is such a beautiful memento but it's more that that. It's valuing and remembering the life story of our beloved. All the highlights, told first hand. Have a look at one such service that offers families this gift.

It's so important that we let people we love in our lives know that they mean so very much. That their life has impacted us and we want that life to be remembered. Give your special family members a gift that they deserve. A chance to honour their time here and their unique life. The gift to tell their story.

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