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Celebrating Community

By nature, we are social beings and finding our sense of community is part of living well. Sometimes we are in a new setting, moving on in a new set of circumstances in our lives. Finding that sense of community, that sense that we belong is not always easy. But it is easy to be welcoming for others and start the chain rolling along. Like many things in life, it starts with you.

We always have a choice about how we decide to conduct our behaviour, still being true to our nature and who we are. It's a reflection of how we would like to be treated or regarded ourselves. Without others to share in life's experiences, we do feel the emotions of loneliness and isolation. So having a community that we can share with is really what makes us human. Our humanity connects us.

More now than ever we are living in single dwelling households, often not really being familiar with our neighbours. We can become set in our ways. However we need people. Reaching out and creating community is as simple as striking up a conversation with a smile. Yes, it's as easy as it sounds. You never know who you're talking to and exchanging time and experience, you never know what you will discover about someone else, or yourself.

So take time to put yourself out there. Get involved in community spaces and events and offer your time. Having a purpose in the world around us gives us something to contribute to. Your reason for being here is as individual as you. Make the memory of you an everlasting one. The human smile is something even babies can experience with out even knowing why. It's our unspoken human joy. When we connect with others, we can both continue on the way with a smile. That's community.

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