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Nordic Walking

For more and more older adults, walking is a perfect exercise. Getting out and enjoying the fresh air, nature and community. Walking is effective at getting the circulation going and improving cardiovascular health. Adding in the use of walking poles can help with both our aerobic goals and our balance!

Walking is also very easy to stick with and accessible. Most communities offer open park tracks, trails and easy pathways. Even more community centers are offering an indoor walking track to service the activity. So even in the rain, snow or extreme heat, your good health efforts are easily supported. Having a secure and safe environment that you can meet up with friends and connect with others can add years to your life. Being on our feet helps maintain a healthy weight, reduce pain from Arthritis and boost our immune system and bone health.

The low-impact of using Nordic walking poles can up our walking game. Using poles means using more muscle, employing a greater range of motion for our joints. It also increases respiration and heartrate! Adding a pole to each hand can help us with posture, balance and core strength. Walking poles are an inexpensive piece of equipment readily available at sport and recreation shops. There's plenty of variety to find something for all tastes and budgets. Easily transportable, they offer so much more to get you up, out and moving. Mine have LED lights on the handles and are always a conversation starter!

So if you're looking for a comfortable fit to get you connecting with others, try Nordic Walking. You may be surprised at just how easy it can be. Who knows where it may lead you! Happy trails!

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